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Flip It!

Don't dump it! Flip It!

With Flip It!, our mission is to educate on the growing problems associated with fast-fashion and the fashion industry. We want to show children solutions to these problems and how they can help. We also aim to give children a creative outlet to express themselves by teaching them ways to upcycle and personalise their clothes.


In Hong Kong,

110,000 tonnes of textiles are thrown away each year.


Fashion is responsible for 10% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions.


Studies show that nearly

of clothes are never or seldom worn.


Our Project:

Flip It! will be hosting 60-90 minute workshops that are split into 2 main sections. Firstly is the educational section aimed to educate on the issues we are trying to tackle. Then there is the crafting section where we will teach different ways of upcycling clothing.

Get involved:

We're not currently looking for volunteers, but thank you for being interested in our project. You can follow us on Instagram for all of our latest updates. If you're interested in joining a session, you can also find details on our Instagram.

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