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Fast Fashion

An alternative service for your fashion

  • Spread more awareness of fast fashion among teens

  • Address the Environmental and ethical issues created by fast fashion

  • Reduce bad shopping habits

  • Teach new ways of styling, make use of what you have in your own closet!


Covid is causing an increase in online shopping, especially clothing.


There’s an increase in the number of trends nowadays.


More brands nowadays are greenwashing.

Our Project

We first plan to collect some donations of clothings, and use them/send them out to individuals to take part in our thrift flip workshop, which can then be sold at our online thrift store, as well as sell some of other clothing items collected from the donation. Some of the unique pieces from our workshop will then be shown off at our final phase, our fashion show.

Image by Vitalijs Barilo

Get involved:

Please follow our instagram! Join our upcoming events including an online thrift flip workshop, online clothing thrift store, and last but not least as fashion show!


Visit our Instagram here!

Project Sponsor:

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