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Environment Pollution

You can find all the previous Act!on For A Cause teams that decided to tackle environmental issues here! Read about their projects for change and find inspiration to start your own project to save the environment.



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Bye Bye Plastic Bags HK

Bye Bye Plastics Bag HK aims to empower the less well off to do what is right in Hong Kong through education and campaigns. The less well-off and are unable to attend the events and are incapable of purchasing sustainable items on their own. They also hope to raise funds by creating merchandise that can be sold during sustainable fairs.

Team members: Eugenia Chow, Cheryl Ting, Sara Tobias, Hermia Chan, Grace Lai & Mana Mehta (Chinese International School)

Plastic Bag on Beach


Environment 2019



4steps2success sold reusable water bottles, each one with an attached fact or statistic and information on how and when to take part in an initiative to improve HK’s environment. Funds raised will be donated to Friends of the Earth. In total, 7 volunteers reached out to approximately 1400 students and 100 teachers in South Island School. Over 50 attended the talk on the harm of plastic bottles and over 50 customers bought their reusable bottles/straws.

Team members: Jordan Chan, Laura Sum & Vereta Gour (South Island School)


Project Matter


Project Matter is a student-led think tank founded in 2016 that conducts research, hosts public awareness events, and advocates action for positive change to solve the problem of air pollution. Their aim was to raise awareness and provide information on air pollution for students whilst engaging them in meaningful research, specifically developing an accurate low-cost sensor that worked for outdoor and indoor air quality monitoring that could then be installed in schools. They launched workshops and conferences to educate students on air pollution, as well as persuaded leaders of RCHK to install air conditioner filters in all classrooms to improve air quality on campus. They also worked with organisations outside of school to discuss filter installation plans for air conditioners as well as sensor development.

Screenshot 2020-06-26 at 10.50.38 AM.png

Team members: Eugene Park, Coco Li, Justin Sin, Ryon Lo, Emily Lim & Eddison So (Renaissance College Hong Kong)

That Group With A

Solar Panel


This project team built a solar panel charging station at school as a way to introduce eco-friendly, campus-wide solutions. The group visited WWF and learnt about wattage calculations, component requirements, safety/risk assessments, etc. The idea was accepted by the principal and implementation was given the go ahead.

Team members: Xavier Carey, Adi White, James Collins (Discovery College)


Twice the Ice


Kids teaching kids about the wonders of the two poles, team Twice the Ice helped raise awareness of the issue of global warming amongst the younger generation of students. They educated them on how they can limit/control global warming (recycle, reuse...). Students from an international school also reached out to 30 students from a local school and engaged the students through visuals and games. The project successfully raised awareness among younger students. 

Team members: Nitish Melwani, Isaac Ng, Sam Li, Timmy Sham (West Island School)

Screenshot 2020-06-24 at 2.27.11 PM.png
Environment 2018
Environment 2017

Straws for All


Straws for All planned on holding fundraising events (e.g. bake sale) to raise funds to buy glass straws to replace plastic ones in school canteens. Their main aim is to reduce the amount of plastic used everyday from drinks brought from the cafeterias, helping to limit plastic waste that is harmful to both humans and marine life. They were successful in raising awareness on the usage of plastic straws and they managed to arrange meetings with different restaurant owners and managers.

Team member: Eugenia Chow (Chinese International School)

Party Straws



Refood is a community business buying leftover food from hotels and restaurants, storing it in an outlet, and selling it at low cost on an app - "Customers Tap, We Wrap!" Through reducing food waste, they aim to tackle the issue of limited landfill space as well as improve accessibility to quality food for low income earners.

Team members: Zolie Chan (Diocesan Girls' School), Jonathan Zein (Shatin College) & Anuj Samant (German Swiss International School)


Gardening to

Save the Earth


Gardening to Save the Earth is a community garden project using food waste at school as compost, as well as upcycling waste to produce art. Around 70 students and parents learnt about gardening and upcycling. They said the "Students were enthusiastic about the design and the art production process" and that "Farming is enjoyable and full of challenges".

Team members: Ysabel Chan, Dhaliwal Jasimran Kaur, Blundell Katherine Felix & Gurung Nishma (Sir Ellis Kadoorie Secondary School)

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