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Eldernet ! We connect !

It is a common phenomenon that older adults and elderlies experience a decline in social interaction with their friends and family members, contributing to loneliness and subsequent physical and mental health issues. We are aiming to adopt social media and technologies to forge more connections of these elder demographics with like minded peers, in one simple and engaging platform or ecosystem, known as Eldernet.




Between Between 2018 and 2038, the size of the elderly population will almost double from 1.27 million to 2.44 million in Hong Kong.

About 10% of the elderly population in Hong Kong have depressive symptoms, contributed by a lack of social interaction.

Elder loneliness is related to an increased risk of heart disease by 29% and stroke by 32%, and is also linked with higher rates of mental health problems such as depression and suicides in older age

Our Project

Our project will consist primarily of a forum for Eldernet users to interact with one another and a section where elderly can read inspirational articles of other people.

After the main system development phase is done by early May, we will undergo Beta Testing, first with an audience of a small select group consisting of members of certain community centers.

If the initial testing phase goes well, we will slowly roll out to other centers and eventually the general public, and we will also begin promotion of the project through social media.
We will also consider adding additional features like exercise tracker and AI which will give out reminders to the elderly using the app after general availability.


Our Message:

To Our Benefitary:
We hope you find Eldernet a divine convenience to broaden your social
network with like minded people.

To Our Volunteers:
To the ingenious brains and masters of program development, join us
as volunteers and expand this ecosystem with us!


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