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Elderly Sports 

Integral System

Age is never a problem. Come and join us in some fun exercises.

In society, many elderly people feel that their physical function is not as great as before, and therefore they do not dare to try exercising; some even avoid doing exercises altogether. The purpose of this project and its related activities is to encourage elderly persons to exercise more and reduce the risk of diseases. In addition, elderly persons will be more motivated to exercise simply because they are not exercising alone. Through exercising with peers, elderly persons are able to meet more people, enjoy the fun of exercising together with their friends, and ultimately increase their interest and perseverance in exercising.

1. The lack of exercise in the long term will lead to muscle aging; this will make it increasingly difficult to move or walk.

2. One out of every five elderly person in China is suffering from heart disease. Through exercising, the heart function can be strengthened. 

3. Elderly persons also need to socialize. By socializing, they are effectively enhancing their immunity and lowering their risks of suffering from Alzheimer's disease and depression. 

Our Project:

Firstly, we aim to reach out to community/elderly centers in the villages. We hope that they will respond and be able to send several volunteers to help out and promote our activities. These have more contact with elderly persons and can better explain to them the purposes of the activities as well as to encourage them to participate. Exercise activities will be led by students or coaches. Elderly persons are more suited to participating in exercises that do not cause too much pressure on their joints and bones, such as walking, jogging, swimming, gymnastics, riding fixed bicycles, etc. Traditional Chinese culture sports such as Tai Chi, Wai Tan Gong, Xiang gong, etc. are all suitable for the elderly. 


We will also seek sponsorships from supermarkets and enterprises, in the hope that they can sponsor supermarket coupons as rewards to the elderly persons for participating. We also plan to prepare materials such as bracelets for each elderly person, with each bracelet having its own unique number for points accumulation. Implementation: Firstly, several volunteers will be arranged at each meeting point to better handle the target beneficiaries’ participation and to distribute the bracelets.  Then, we will assist in their exercising goal-setting based on their individual body condition. We will then start the exercise activities. There will be appropriate amount of rests in-between activities with supply of light snacks such as fruits and vegetables. During the rest periods, the elderly participants may network and share interesting life stories with each other.  

Get involved:

If you are interested in this project, you may contact us for more details via Instagram (Elderly Integration System) or email (

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