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Journey of the Growth

eJourney is an online platform for secondary students. It is designed to help students develop their self-reflection, critical thinking and responsibility for their own learning skills. Students will be able to build on their specific content knowledge, developing an openness to opportunities outside of their comfort zone. This will help them better determine possible career possibilities in their secondary years - made convenient through our platform. The problem we are addressing in this project is how to provide a quality education.

1. Difficulties in choosing a career path

Secondary school students face considerable pressure, trying to do well for exams rather than building a clear mindset of who they are and what they should do in their future. Insufficient planning and reflective opportunities lead to difficulties in deciding what kind of career they’d like to have because they don’t fully know themselves. Not knowing and understanding what their strengths and weaknesses often result in a lack of conviction in their choices.

2. Self-improvement and reflection

Often, core values for self-improvement such as true reflection are neglected due to a focus on excellent grades. This makes it easy to forget the true essence of education - which is lifelong learning for oneself in order to better understand what qualities a person can exude.

3. Improvement of teacher-student relationship

Getting good grades is a common goal that teachers have for their students. This is because they think that this would be good for the students’ future. Getting to know the student, understanding their weaknesses and strengths as individuals are being unintentionally set-aside.

Our Project:

Our project is an application (“app”), a collection of students ‘journey’ documented on an online platform where students can easily access anywhere. We’ll be creating an app where students can create a personal account using either their email or Facebook.


Through this, we can access the student’s personal information and recognize their abilities and characteristics. After that, we’ll display a short tutorial for how the students can create their eJourney, how to utilise it for their career and life planning and thereby create their own eJourney. After that, we will be recommending some templates based on their preferences as well as provide guidelines such as the purpose of creating an eJourney, what they aim to achieve and how they can plan their future careers. Since the project is primarily focusing on students, we would send emails to another school and invite the teachers to workshops, informing them of the project. We would also reach out to some schools who are really interested in implementing this project in their school to give more in-depth workshops to their students. From May to July, we will be holding workshops and seminars for teachers from different schools and start promoting our project directly through social media platforms. Teachers can share their own personal successes and experiences in order for their students to get to know them better whilst establishing the connections necessary for them to forward towards their journey of learning.

Get involved:


Ride along our journey of growth! Whether you’re a potential user or volunteer, join us to experience a growing experience like no other. Helping teachers and secondary students establish deeper connections paves ways for us to give the best possible options into building one’s identity towards a better future - all in an app that’s accessible and convenient.


eJourney is an app for secondary students and teachers. We hope to develop students’ self-reflection, critical thinking, responsibility for learning, and content area skills as well develop a sense of openness to opportunities outside of their comfort-zone. You can donate through our Charitable Choice website link available here. After a transaction fee is taken (<5%), 20% of the total donation amount will be used to fund future Act!on For A Cause groups whilst the rest will be distributed by Kids4kids back to us!


To all our future volunteers, we hope that through providing career mentorship for our student users and developing a closer relationship with our users, you can also use our platform to find your own way of growth along with the students. You can find us through our Instagram by clicking here.

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