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Every child deserves an opportunity to reach their full potential

We would like to offer opportunities for the under-resourced children to excel and thrive. Furthermore, Edquity would like to raise the social awareness on the educational issues in Hong Kong.


Income disparity is an important issue in Hong Kong. Standing in the Gino coefficient of 0.539, the difference in the income level between the rich and the poor causes inter-generational poverty and lack of learning opportunities.


The education system of Hong Kong is tending to be exam-oriented. However, the under-privileged students could not afford the tutorial fees. They cannot obtain more future income by their grades.


Hong Kong citizens are not aware of the studying mode of the students. Students cannot understand the true meaning of studying. Instead, they spoon-feed knowledge and skills on books.

Our Project:

We are going to provide mentorship programmes to connect the secondary school students and under-resourced primary school students. Helping the primary school students to excel and thrive through academic support from their mentors, the secondary school students can gain insights from their peer discussions to broaden their horizon in educational issues.

Lecture Hall

Get involved:

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