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Visual solutions for environmental change

Eden is a platform which aims to raise awareness about sustainability, mainly through fashion and design. Eden means paradise or a perfect world, which we obviously don’t have. But hopefully, by changing our lifestyles and how we treat our environment, we can get a bit closer to a recovering world. Eden tackles FAST FASHION. Fast fashion can be defined as cheap, trendy clothing, that is not made with the best production process. Fast fashion affects human health, human rights, and our environment.

2.5 billion pounds


of waste is produced by the Fashion Industry each year, accounting for

total waste produced in the world.

85% of



tons of pollution are produced by the Chinese textile industry each year.


A single mill can use up to

200 tons

of water for each piece of fabric it dyes; the dyeing process also pollutes the surrounding water.

Our Project:

Eden is about finding alternative solutions for the fast fashion industry. The founder of Eden, Alysha, has made a 6 piece fashion collection with environmental sustainability patterns printed with eco-friendly dyes on biodegradable materials. The collection will be shown in the May 2020 Chinese International School Virtuosity Hong Kong fashion show. Eden is also a website raising awareness about sustainable lifestyles. On the website, there are articles, podcasts, reviews, and stories written by students that talk about environmental sustainability. Eco-friendly products made by Alysha and other youths in Hong Kong will also be available for purchase.

Get involved:


Join the team: Please contact Eden @projectedenyouth if you would like to apply to join our youth team! (Restrictions: You must be a current student in Hong Kong)


Contribute towards our cause! Please go to our Charitable Choice website linked here to learn more. After a transaction fee is taken (<5%), 20% of the total donation amount will be used to fund future Act!on For A Cause groups whilst the rest will be distributed by Kids4kids back to us!


Raise awareness: Share the website, and our message! Help us increase awareness for environmental issues.

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