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Hong Kong’s first one-one-stop platform for all things eco-friendly.

We want to address the issue of unsustainable consumption and lack of information on how to make a change.

Have you ever considered how the things you buy affect the environment? In mainstream shopping, so many of our actions have an impact on the world around us. For example, did you know that the cotton for a single shirt from a fast fashion outlet requires 2,700 litres of water?

Once people become aware of this issue, they are eager to make a change in their shopping habits, however one of the key barriers to implementing action is the perceived difficulty of the behaviour, as people will alter their lifestyles if they believe it is an easy change.


The countries with the highest consumption have about a 5.5 times higher environmental impact over the world average.


A study found that the production and use of household goods and services was responsible for 60 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions.


A study collected from 9,000 people across 9 Asian countries showed that up to 75% of Asian consumers reported motivations to significantly lessen their environmental footprint, but the major barrier to entry is lack of information.

Our Project

Our solution is Ecogo. With Ecogo, we aim to make living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle here in Hong Kong more convenient, accessible and attractive.

Using EcoGo is simple, and it takes a few seconds to get started. Even signing up is not required to explore. The way we do this is simple. EcoGo organizes eco-friendly stores and products into dynamic, user-friendly listings that can be sorted by product, price range, and location. Finally, we provide a map function as a visual aid for people who want to locate stores nearby. Users can also add comments and ratings to listings, allowing them to assess the feedback of other eco-conscious shoppers before purchasing a product.

With EcoGo, we aim to make more sustainable options accessible, convenient and attractive for HK-based (and eventually worldwide) shoppers.

Get involved:

We are always looking to expand our team! We are especially looking for: writers, design and marketing managers and React developers (see details here)

If interested in this roles, please get in touch with us via Instagram, email, or LinkedIn.

If interested in supporting our project and shopping sustainably by using our app or website, please see the following links: website and android app store


Visit our Instagram here!

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