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Creative Minds!

Fostering creativity for our future generation.

With our project, we hope to encourage development and involvement in creative based activities. Our aim is to cultivate creative thinking and to encourage students to be more open to different forms of creativity. We want to address the loss of creative development and encouragement among young people in Hong Kong. From our observation, many schools are prioritising academics above creative subjects such as film, art, drama, and dancing. Our group has been fortunate as our school has given us a huge advantage and provided us with the freedom to pursue and practise different choices; however a lot of schools in Hong Kong have “lost” the creative side of education. Creativity is a core component of students' critical thinking development as well as the development of individual perspectives and opinions. Without it, the enjoyment and experience of education will not be realised to its full potential.


suffer from stress,

anxiety or depression.

1 in 3 youth


In Hong Kong, education does not prioritise arts education.

Only 6%

of HK students chose the arts as electives.


Hong Kong students spend



per week on private tuition.

4.9 hours

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Our Project:

To foster creative thinking and to encourage students to pursue their creative ambitions, we have decided to run sessions in the Yat Tung Community Centre. Our project will run 8-10 sessions for around 20 local school students. In these sessions, we will run activities and games that incorporate a variety of artistic aspects and encourage creative thinking. Each session will have a different theme: depending on holidays that might be happening near that time, a specific category (singing, music, drawing, acting), or a specific activity. We chose to have different themes for each session, not only to cater to students with different interests but also to encourage students to attend frequently. We want the participants not only to have fun, but to discover what they love within the different categories. We ran our first session in mid January; however, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, we have suspended classes until the situation is more stable.

Get involved:


Spread the creativity! Have a conversation with your siblings and children about creative hobbies. You could even start a new creative hobby yourself.

Please fill in this form to volunteer with us. We will reach out and provide further information as soon as possible.

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