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Powered by Youth Forum 2021

Day  2

*by invitation only

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Powered by Youth: Day 1


Powered by Youth is an annual 2-day forum which allows secondary students from different schools to gather together and learn from inspiring speakers, facilitators and each other.


On Day 1, students will work in breakout groups under two themes: Power (Technology, Creative Arts & Design, Voice and Movement) focusing on personal strengths and Passion (Mental Wellbeing, Education & Poverty, Environment and Reduce Inequality) targeting social issues that the students care about. The forum allows students to understand the root causes of social issues and to collaborate with each other in project ideation, design and innovation to create their own community projects.

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Day  1

Arctic Cruising copy.jpg

Barney Swan


Mark photo.jpg

Mark Cheng



Hersha Chellaram



Healthy Wong


Cynthia Cheng

Cynthia Cheng

Art & Design

_DSC6573-Bradley Aaron 2.jpg

Maxime Vanhollebeke

Art & Design

Jeremy Hung.jpg

Jeremy Hung

Art & Design


Duncan Kenwright



Mo Qureshi


Regina Larko _ Home Office.jpg

Regina Larko


2016-6-22 Alyson17782.jpg

Alyson Hau


michele wisla.jpg

Michele Wisla


Aurianne Ricquier ID.jpeg

Aurianne Ricquier



Debbie Mannas



Crisel Consunji


Benita's profile pic 2019.jpg

Benita Chick

Reduce Inequality

Victoria (1).jpg

Victoria Wisniewski Otero

Reduce Inequality

Steph Ng.png

Steph Ng

Mental Wellbeing

natalie lui.png

Natalie Lui

Mental Wellbeing


Sherry Yasay

Mental Wellbeing

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Powered by Youth: Day X


Day  X

Exclusive to Powered by Service Partner Schools, Day X aims to inspire local students to create their own community projects and prepare them to enter the Pitch Competition on the second day of the Powered by Youth forum.

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Vivek Mahbubani

5 Edquity (2).jpeg

Chan Lok Huen Daphne


11 Lamma Community Composting (1).JPG

Dhaliwal Jasimran Kaur

Lamma Community Composting

16 One Stitch One Heart (3).jpeg

Grace Zheng

One Stitch One Heart

21 The Living Sea (2).png

Ema Poposka

The Living Sea

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Powered by Youth: Day 2


You will have the opportunity to pitch your own community project for change. There will be a pitch preparation before the Pitch Competition to ensure that you get sufficient practice and feedback before the actual pitch! The Pitch Competition will then take place in the afternoon, where the most impactful 5 teams will be given a seed fund of HK$3,000 each.

  • Pitch Preparation: if you have already come up with your project idea but are looking for tips to catch the audience's attention and make your pitch more impactful, this workshop is for you!​​

  • Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) game: if you would like to know more about the SDGs, join this game session! You'll have a chance to play with others as a team to achieve SDG-related targets. Come join us and have fun while exploring the possibilities of the SDGs!

Day  2

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Bailey Cherry


Christina Lee - GlobalGreenConnect (1).JPG

Christina Lee

Global Green Economic Forum

Lucia Loposova

Green Hospitality

Francis Ngai - Photo.jpg

Francis Ngai

Social Ventures Hong Kong

carol yeung.jpg

Carol Yeung

2030 SDGs Game Facilitator

2020 Lena Profile Pic 3.jpg

Lena Wong

2030 SDGs Game Facilitator

1f8c5024-4bf0-4c64-9709-133931cf34c4 (1).jpg

Devi Novianti


Tejas Raval

Anita Leung (Kids4Kids Board).jpeg

Anita Leung


Tony Yeung

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