Powered By Youth:  Day  1

Powered By Youth is an annual 2-day forum which allows secondary students from different schools to gather together and learn from inspiring speakers, facilitators and each other.


On day 1, students will work in breakout groups under two themes: Power (Technology, Creative Arts & Design, Voice and Movement) focusing on personal strengths and Passion (Mental Wellbeing, Poverty, Environment and Social Justice) targeting social issues that the students care about. The forum allows students  to understand the root causes of social issues and to collaborate with each other in project ideation, design and innovation to create their own community projects.

Day  1


Keynote Speakers

Sonalie Figueiras

Green Queen

Christopher Schrader

24 Hour Race


Power Group Facilitators

Joyce Yung



Passion Group Facilitators

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Powered By Youth:  Day  2


Day  2

On the second day of the Powered By Youth forum, you will have the opportunity to pitch your own community project for change. In the morning, you can choose to go to either Pitch Preparation or Ideation workshops. Check which one is more suitable for you! The pitching competition will then take place in the afternoon, where the most impactful 5 teams will be given a grant of HK$5,000 each.

  • Pitch Preparation: if you have already come up with your project idea but are looking for tips to catch the audience's attention and make your pitch more impactful, this workshop is for you!


  • Ideation:  If you either have no idea, or have some ideas, but is not ready to pitch and still need some help to organise your ideas into a plan, sign up to the Ideation workshop.


Keynote Speaker


Bring Your Idea to Life Workshops


Tips for a Good Pitch:

Each pitch will be 3 minutes long - this means you will have to be concise and really grab your audience’s attention! Afterwards, there will be a 2 minutes Q&A session with the judges where they will ask you questions on your project. Here is a quick guide on some things you should consider when giving your pitch: 

1. Be Concise: You only have 3 minutes - that’s just around 400 words! Your pitch needs to be concise and to the point; make every word count. Try to split your time evenly across areas, making sure you’ve given insight into your issue but also discussed your project implementation thoroughly.

2. Solve a Problem: How does your project tackle an existing problem in society? Explain how your project fills a social need or makes a difference in the community.

3. Speak Factually and Simply: Talk in tangibles, not abstractions. Make sure the language you use is easy to understand - bring it down to the man on the street. Using jargon can cause you to lose your audience.


4. Grab the Listener's Attention: Make your project stand out. You may develop your own tagline/slogan to grab interest - try to be creative and use your imagination: e.g. “It’s not TV. It’s HBO”. Or, you can try making an analogy between you and a well-know brand: e.g. “We’re the Google for teens.”

5. Engage the Audience: Show your passion and excitement through your voice. Using a monotone voice will lose the audience’s attention - try to vary your tone and use inflection in your voice!


Good luck!


Judging Criteria







Innovation and Creativity
Passion and Commitment
Community Need and Solution
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