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of Dream

The future is unpredictable. Why not give it a go for the "dream"?

I would like to invite 10 secondary school students from our school and 10 university students, professionals or volunteers to do one-on-one individual teaching. My aim is to help them to develop their interest and let them know more about their future path. Let them know what difficulties they may meet in the future. Hope both the students and teachers can benefit a great deal.

Education equality: this is our main purpose and concept.




Our Project

Birthplace of Dream is basically a platform for secondary students who would like to chase their dream.  

I would like to help secondary school students who have any difficulty chasing their dream and provide some advanced tips or help for them. 

The target audience will mainly focus on all form 4 - form 6 students, especially students who only have small amounts of resources for chasing their dream. We want to help them regardless of whether they are rich or not. 

Hardcover Books

Get involved:

By sending an email to or contacting our Instagram account birthplace_of_dream


Visit our Instagram here!

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