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Connecting sustainably inclined businesses with sustainably and ethically inclined customers to maximize ethical business gains and awareness on sustainability and your role in promoting it.

To bring awareness to sustainability and each individual’s role in promoting it, as well as to reward sustainable businesses whilst incentivizing others to increase the greenness of restaurants.


More than 10% of our carbon footprint comes from purely eateries (ignoring transportation of goods).


Primary and secondary research confirms that approx 90% of consumers do not know about the sustainability practices of the eateries they frequent, but over 70% are willing to pay a 6-21% premium for more sustainable goods/ goods that come from a greener restaurant.


Average CO2 emission of 8kg meal is similar to burning 1 gallon of gas.

Our Project

Greenome is going to be a social media page/website dedicated to reviewing restaurants based on their sustainability to connect restaurants and businesses that have aligned priorities.

Get involved:

Work would include helping set up and improve the website/social media page, visiting restaurants to add to the ratings, tweaking the rating system, etc


Visit our Instagram here!

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