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Away Covid

Fighting COVID with creativity and gratitude

This project aims to support the community during these difficult times and especially stakeholders who are worst affected by the global health crisis, including children and front-line workers. We believe that the global community must stand together in solidarity and care for each other on all platforms, and art and youth are powerful mediums to express this value.


As of January the 18th, there has been over 95 million COVID-19 cases worldwide.


Social distancing can make people feel increased anxiety, loneliness and stress, and front-line hospital workers face aggravated psychological pressure and even mental illness.


Hospital workers in Hong Kong work up to 65 hours per week.

Our Project:

During these difficult times, the medical sector has especially been a constant, reliable source of support. For every single coronavirus case, there are dozens of unnamed workers working long shifts and suffering from immense pressure and stress. We want to send them postcards designed by students with messages of gratitude and appreciation to show them that their selfless efforts have not gone unnoticed, and hopefully uplift their spirits. Additionally, we also want to organize online art sessions with children from low income families, to offer them a temporary escape and moment of tranquility from great financial and emotional burdens felt over the past year.


Get involved:

Leave your thank you message to a front-line worker through this form ( 


Volunteer to help to us transcribe, deliver and teach! We may also be running weekend stalls where the general public can fill in their messages on postcards. Please get in touch with us through direct messages on Instagram or Facebook.


Advocate! Help us spread the word and share the form so front-line workers can feel love and appreciation from more people! Please also follow us on social media so you can hear the latest updates about our projects!


Visit our Instagram here!

About Us:

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