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Brush Better
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My aim is to create a prototype of a toothbrush that can include toothpaste inside it. I think toothpaste packaging is not necessary at all, but a lot of plastic waste has been created due to present design of toothbrushes. I would like to make a change on that.


1.5 billion toothpaste tubes are discarded annually, dumped in landfills or the ocean.


There are actually teeth-cleaning tablets present in the market.


Toothpaste was once sold in glass jars, not plastic tubes.

Our Project

I propose incorporating the teeth-cleaning tablets into the design of the toothbrush itself. By thickening the handle of the brush, 200 tablets can fill the interior of the brush, and can be taken out whenever we need to brush. 200 tablets will suffice for 3-4 months, after which the brush shall be replaced due to hygienic reasons.


At the first stage of the project, I will research on the topic and create an actual product of my brush design. I will 3D-print the brushes and conduct pilot tests in the second stage. Comments and feedback on convenience, size, overall experience and more will be given after participants have used the brush for a month. These comments will be essential for the modification of the prototype.

Wooden Toothbrushes

Get involved:

If you resonate with my ideas, I hope you can consider using teeth-cleaning tablets to reduce plastic waste. There are also a few spots available for those who would love to be a participant of the pilot test.

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