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Board Games
with Bored Kids

Making learning a laidback and likeable environment for the underprivileged youth

The issue we are addressing is a global one. It is a renowned global fact. Kids around the world don't like learning because it seems boring, and if they are forced to learn, it takes a big toll on their mental health and wellbeing. Therefore we are trying to teach underprivileged kids English while making it fun, so we might be able to change how one views education.


A survey conducted quite recently comes up with information: “students see school as a place where they experience negative emotions.”


60 percent of surveyed students said, "I didn't see the value in the work I was being asked to do.


The website educationweek states: "Out-of-school learning is often more meaningful than anything that happens in a classroom."

Our Project

We are planning to take action by reaching out to community centres, and teaching the kids simple english words; ranging from adjectives to verbs, to pronouns. We will achieve this through board games. We will start each session with gathering the kids, and teaching them grammar, for example, one day we would teach them what adjectives are, and the other we would be teaching them what nouns are. After teaching them grammar, we will teach them the rules of some board games alongside some new simple english words, and then we will allow them to play with each other, and help guide them to make use of the words we reach them.

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Get involved:

You guys can email me at:, and you can help either plan events or participate in the sessions!


Visit our Instagram here!

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