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Chant for plants!

We want to address mental health issues. Our aim is to help teenagers with their stress and anxiety, and provide them with a creative outlet.


A survey by the Hong Kong Playground Association showed that one in three young Hongkongers suffers from stress, anxiety or depression.


According to, the prevalence for anxiety (one study) and generalized anxiety disorder (two studies) were 6.9% and 2.6%, respectively.


According to SCMP, 75% of all mental health problems arise before the age of 24.

Our Project:

We plan to receive emails from teenagers who are struggling with poor mental health or negative feelings, and offer them small potted plants to nurture as a method of relieving stress and anxiety in return.


Get involved:

We would be honored to have you as our working partners. The more support the better. If you are interested, please message us on our instagram page, or email us at We will contact you asap.


Visit our Instagram here!

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