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Reef Relief

Adopt a Coral!

This business hopes to allow consumers of all ages to learn about and contribute to ocean conservation by adopting and personalising corals. This will address the issue of coral reefs. 


Hong Kong houses 1/10th of the world's coral species, making it home to abundant but struggling marine life.


Coral reefs act as shelter and protection to approximately 25% of marine life, making them crucial for marine life to flourish.


Hong Kong's corals have adapted to be tough due to the rigid conditions and polluted surrounding waters of a busy port, which means they can be saved through transplantation. Corals also filter surrounding water using their tentacles, ultimately helping with ocean pollution.

Our Project

The project is a coral transplantation business wherein customers will be able to 'adopt' corals as they get planted through coral plantation/transplantation dives. The customer will be provided with the GPS location of the coral, certificate of adoption with the ability to name the coral, and photo and video updates of the coral. Further customers will be able to purchase birthday packages to gift their loved ones a coral! Each aspect of the website and purchase hopes to be informative to bring the importance of ocean conservation to the younger generation through a medium other than instruction.

Wild Mushrooms

Get involved:

We would love to have you on board! Currently we are looking for potential coral planation collaborations. If you would like to o-fish-ially join the team, please reach out to!


Visit our Instagram here!

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