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Following the annual Powered By Youth Forum, students have the opportunity to participate in Action for a Cause (AFAC) and launch their own community projects by submitting their project ideas outlining their proposed solutions to address community needs.  Selected projects are then rewarded with seed fundings and guidance by mentors with relevant industry experience.

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Action For

Get inspired by past AFAC project teams!

Get inspired by past AFAC project teams!



Mental Health

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Youth Connections is a series of workshops/forums organised by Kids4Kids to help AFAC teams develop practical and personal skills essential for implementing their community projects successfully. Practical skills include design, identifying their target beneficiaries, implementation, fundraising, recruitment of potential volunteers, building up connections with other organisations, measuring the impact of their project, etc. Personal skills include resilience, perseverance, empathy, etc. Students are able to indicate their interests and Kids4Kids will identify the best persons or format to address those interests.

Youth Connections

Act!on For A Cause Connections

Act!on For A Cause Connections

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