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潛  "Joy”
的  你

Planning your future: never too late & never too early.

Help more young people who are restricted or neglected by society discover their potential and plan their future in advance. 


Teenagers from low-income homes, as well as those with special education needs or from ethnic minority groups, have been especially at risk of falling behind over the months of virtual lessons, according to educators and parents.


Some conditioned adolescents are easily ignored by society, thus they have no chances/platforms to develop themselves.


Until the 21st century, inequality was a big bug of poverty & education.

Our Project

We are planning to give different kinds of career experience workshops and self characters tests to the participants who have been nominated to join our project by the first period.

After that, we will invite the practitioners to give a speech for participants at the virtual talk ( due to the pandemic getting serious, the talk has been moved from in-person to virtual).

The final period is a sharing session (virtual meeting) for the participants to share their changes and give feedbacks to us. 

Stack of Books

Get involved:

We are not professional but interested in helping more and more teenagers who are necessary. We hope to try our best to give them chances for searching at what they’re good at. 

View more info here!

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